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Aging is humanity's greatest challenge killing more people every year than any war in human history. It is the central cause of many diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, and many others. And since we could not do anything about aging for millions of years, we take it as given and accept our fate.

With the advances in biomedical sciences and information technology this no longer needs to be the case.

We understand aging better than ever before and many promising interventions are being discovered in labs around the world every year. We already demonstrated that stopping aging will lead to unprecedented economic growth and prosperity and will not cause overpopulation and if we don't cure aging soon, we will find ourself in the state of economic decline and possibly even collapse of the modern civilisation as we know it.

Trillions of dollars are being wasted every year on patching the breaches in our economic systems and
on marginally extending patients' lives on the deathbed instead of looking for interventions that will prevent diseases and return our bodies to healthy state. What is more appalling is that most people don't want to cure aging. They got comfortable with the concept and don't want to give themselves hope and set the bar too high. This is wrong and we need to change this! We need to tell the world that it is sick and help people realize that aging is a disease.

Many people in information technology and other fields can make major impact in aging. Nowadays most of biology is data, which needs to be analyzed, structured, interpreted and used to develop working interventions to slow down pathologic changes. We need to motivate thousands or even millions of programmers, hackers, rebels to get into aging research and start a massive campaign to defeat death. This is a worthy cause to unite the world against the common problem.

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Aging is a terminal disease
by Nayour & Zhavoronkov  

This track is a result of collaboration of Nayour and Dr. Zhavoronkov and will be presented by Insilico Medicine at the NVIDIA GTC Conference in San Jose.