Can your track change the world?
For this contest we ask you to produce a techno track for this thematic. 
When you are working on your track think of the high-tech people on the other side. They should feel the urge to engage. To follow many examples, when people switched from information technology into biomedical sciences and are now making a lot of difference.
Produce your own techno track, upload it and submit it for partecipate.
17 Mar – 2 Apr
Once reviewed, share your tracks with your friends for get more votes.
19 Mar – 3 Apr
We’ll award the most voted track and we’ll release the top 10 most voted tracks.
3rd of April
For participate you just need to create a techno track with a name inspired to the cause, then go on the submit section and submit your track following the instructions. Also, share your track on the contest for get more votes.
The two most voted tracks will receive the following prizes and after the competition the top 10 tracks will be released on a free compilation after the contest.
If you want to ask us a question, just send us an email.